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WAR - Media & Persia to push to the West, North & South - Scripture Evidence

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The USA goes to war against the Ram, will strike heavily. Ram is the Kings of Media & Persia - Daniel 8:20 - Scripture Evidence

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The Prophetic Collapse of The United States Government. When the USA was strong,"The horn was broken." (99.99% sure that
the Horn is Donald Trump) The USA is about to be divided into four notable ones. (four territories) - Scripture Evidence

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Learn about Prophecy through Videos, Charts, Lessons, and Slide Shows. Check out the toolbox for a complete list. Prophecy is like a puzzle, you gain knowledge, and it will fit.
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Why? Because I truly care about you, please do take advantage of this opportunity before the door shuts. I want you to have an understanding.
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The Prophetic Board

The Prophetic Board

The prophetic board that reveals the truth and gives hope. We discuss and share the many prophetic prophecies that have taken place in our past, present and future. Your welcome to join in and ask any questions you may have, that is why I set it up. So we could support each other as we watch the things unfold in the world today related to prophesy.
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Modern Day Prophecy

On Track Fast Track Studies

Do you know that John and Daniel saw the same succession of eight Kings leading up to Christ 2nd coming? Do you also know that there are people living today who are in scriptures? How about this one, the United States is also in the bible. You need to understand the truth to this and so much more. Please study so that you are ready for what is about to take place.

What We Are All About

Timothy Thompson - a message
Do you think it would be well worth it to understand the truth and never to be pulled in by misleading information again? You can know the truth without a doubt and understanding this is very powerful. What if you knew without a shadow of a doubt, what things were going to happen before they happen? Let us take it one step further, what if you had a list where you could check them off as they happened, one by one. You would learn the things that only those with faith could understand because this is a major faith builder. There have been Items removed recently.

Yes, it is time to wake up!

I know your heart is racing now and you are so perplexed and confused. Do not be dismayed, because I have good news for you. Cheer up and be hopeful of a better tomorrow. Brothers and sister, Satan is slick and has deceived most people on this earth, but the hope is not gone, and you can break the yoke and be free from the bondage of Satan. Listen to some very exciting news which I am want to share with you. If you have not already, please do read and learn are an important message.Thank You

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